October 15, 2015

Another ANDREW BRENDAN preview page!

Here’s another page from my new comic book ANDREW BRENDAN: King of the Internet #1! The epic 28 page first issue is available NOW at http://ourvaluedcashgrab.blogspot.com/  So go get one!

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  1. i like gettin' on the internet and just ruminating about art and media and stuff sometimes, and getting into arguments with people about the merits of things or lack thereof sometimes. maybe i will end up participating in a discussion that ends up influencing an artist in a vaguely positive/constructive way after he reads it, or maybe not.

    but i've never wanted artists to just take my literal demands and spit out a piece of fan service. i don't really "get" the mindset that thinks that's a good way to create art. test screenings and the whole "hollywood should ask fans like me what to put in a movie" thing. i don't get it. i don't relate to it. whenever something comes out that seems to have obviously been crafted by a committee or a focus-group or an opinion poll, instead of creators with a sincere vision by their own design, that's pretty much a guarantee that i'm not going to like it. time and again, there's the fans in forums demanding this 'n' that. "i need character X to fight character Y, i need to hear catchphrase Z a certain number of times, i need this actor to play this character." and then when the thing comes out with all of the checklist features that they specifically demanded, and the thing just plain sucks... the very same forumguys end up hating it and not understanding why it turned out so bad. it's no big mystery: they were stupid demands that should have never been taken seriously. lesson never learned, rinse and repeat.

    message to a hypothetical artist person: go make whatever you like and whatever you think is good, instead of trying to second-guess me or straight-up asking me what to make. then when it's ready for sale, i will decide if i want to give you any money for it. it'll be better that way. especially since giving you creative direction sounds like a job, and i would not want to do that job unless i get paid for it.