July 17, 2015

While discussing MARVEL's new massive reboot/crossover event...


  1. Wait, I hadn't heard about this. Now Marvel is doing a reboot too? You know, there are times when I miss superhero comics from the big two, and I think to myself, maybe I should give them another chance. Then I hear about stuff like this.

    What's funny is that this is a great time to be a superhero fan, since there are a lot of great superhero movies and TV shows. It's just the comics that are so frustrating.

  2. To be fair, this Secret Wars comic has been really amazing. Really great storyline and the art on the main book has been phenomenal. Its also opened things up for these really fun "Battleworld" stories. They've been hit-and-miss, but there's some real gems in there.

  3. Not sure this guy knows what a scam is.