March 4, 2012

To her friend...


  1. Last time X-Men was good was the mid-90's... Just like GNR. Yep, I'll buy it.

  2. Who is even in The X-Men anymore? The last time I even cared it was basically Storm, Wolverine, Colossus, Rogue, Shadowcat, and Nightcrawler.

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  4. The last time I even cared it was basically Cyclops, Angel, Marvel Girl, Iceman, and the Beast, so I'm going with the Rolling Stones instead of Guns n Roses.

  5. Yesterday we had swing dancing, today its GnR. Whats up with all those music comparisons?

  6. She's awesome. Love the hoodie

  7. Does that make Wolverine = Axl? Prone to temper tantrums and the only consistent member?

    1. Not to mention extremely fond of smoking and drinking and perpetually unshaven.

    2. They're also both convinced that they're the best at what they do despite all evidence to the contrary.

  8. I Disagree. Uncanny X-force and Wolverine and the X-Men have been some of the best X Comics in a long time. Jason Aaron and Rick Remender are doing amazing things with the X-Men.

  9. Instead of Nightcrawler/Slash theres an evil guy...

  10. Welcome to Westchester
    We'll stop Magneto.
    We're recruiting mutant-kind
    With an assist from Cerebro.

    We've got very freaky powers,
    Any powers you pick.
    Our writers throw s**t at the wall
    Not knowing what'll stick.

    In Westchester
    Welcome to Westchester
    Gonna split into seven t-t-t-t-t-t-teams, teams, teams.
    Each led by Wolverine.

  11. Above poster, you should NOT have made that one anonymous, it's some of the best lyrical parody I've seen in a while.

  12. And I don't need your Civil Wa-wha-haaaaaaarrrr!

  13. I guess by "good thing" she meant Chuck Austen.

  14. Brad the Dad3/05/2012 2:53 PM

    To Anonymous 9:05 PM (which is one of my favorite Who songs, BTW) My hat is off to you.

  15. She's got a style that seems to me
    That though it at times has been tacky
    Has vastly improved since X-Men 129.

    Then came the time I saw her Phase
    A bullet through Earth and get lost in space
    But now she's back and Colossus has made her cry.

    Oh, oh, oh Sweet Kitty Pryde.
    Oh, oh, oh, oh Sweet Sprite o' mine.

  16. Do not vote for Senator Kelly
    'Cause his policy is weak and hate fills his belly.
    Leave those poor muties alone.

    Do not vote for Senator Kelly
    'Cause his policy is weak and hate fills his belly.
    Leave those poor muties alone.

    Just a morlock livin' under the street
    Hangin' out with Callisto and Leech.
    He'll send Sentinels to wipe out my friends and me
    A vote for him could be your last
    Headed for Days of Futures Past.

  17. The first time I saw you die, you know I felt heart wrenching pain.
    I had watched you wipe out billions, but the Phoenix was to blame.
    Death never lasts forever, I should've known you'd be restored.
    But it's hard to love a X-Man that's dead one year out of four.

    We've gone through this oh so many times
    So I find women in your stead, oh yeah
    First Madelyne came 'long, then Emma came on strong
    I say it isn't really cheating when you've been dead, your soul's been shed.

    You always get so mad and say that I've been bad
    But it ain't my fault that you're dyin' all the time, all the time.
    So if you want monogamy, then Jean Grey don't be slain
    Or I'll just have to marry another clone of you again.

  18. Though I know I can't touch you
    I still want to try.
    Girl, I try to kiss you all the time now.
    Was a time I was a thief
    'Til you stole my heart from me.
    Never doubt this cajun's good intentions.

    I said Rogue, take it slow, we'll find a way sometime.
    All we need's a telepathic mind probe.
    Said Mon Cher take it slow, we'll get to kiss sometime.
    All we need's a telepathic mind probe.