June 6, 2010

Jesse Week!

When we arrived at the Boston Comic Convention the line already wound around the building and we were told that since they were at capacity, the wait to get in was somewhere around 3 hours. Not an ideal way to spend an afternoon but since the weather was beautiful and we were in high spirits it wasn't a terrible way to spend a few hours either. Now, as you can imagine, comic conventions are positively chock full of some real special folks, the likes of which inhabit this very website. On the plus side since the place is so packed and busy, you never have to talk to or listen to any of them for very long. The only exception is when you're waiting in line.

Whom ever you end up in line near has the power to really ruin your afternoon, for example: standing in front of 'clove cigarette guy' or 'likes to sing girl' or 'tuna sub BO guy' for a few hours can really re-allign your priorities for the rest of the day. (Usually resulting in "To hell with this, let's go home.") But then there are other times when instead of enduring a gauntlet of poor hygene and irritating affectations, you get to observe a rare and facinating creature in it's natural habitat. This was the case on Saturday April 10 when I spent 3 hours in line behind a boisterous 20 year old named Jesse.

After realizing what a weath of material Jesse was (and the potential to do a whole week on this site devoted to him) I started writing down his more choice quotes as he whispered, shouted, sulked, confessed, complained and theorized to his silent girlfriend Megan over the course of the afternoon. Now at long last I have compiled and illustrated the best ones to be showcased here for the next few days under the title JESSE WEEK!

And even though these entries did not occur in the comic shop, I feel that I am in no way compromising the site's integrity by adding young Jesse to the motley ranks of his fellow comic fans on this site, for he is truly one of OUR VALUED CUSTOMERS.

So tuck in, my chippies, JESSE WEEK is upon us!

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