March 11, 2010

To his friend on my choice of music...


  1. Fuck Juggalos.

  2. You can fly if you try leavin' the past behind.

    Heaven only knows what you might fi-iiiind.

    DARE! Dare to belieeeeve you can survive!

    You are the future in your hand(?)

    DARE! Dare to keep all your dreams alive!

    It's time to take a staaaaand!

    You can win if you dare!

  3. Funny: He recognized it and knew what it was by name. Methinks he doth protest too much!

  4. TRANSFORMERS! ROBOTS IN DISGUISE! isn't exactly subtle.

    Also he's wearing an ICP shirt and is telling anyone else that they have poor taste in music. That alone makes this one of the funniest Jerks of all time.